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Resources 2018

We’re honored to have you be a part of the most advanced growth leadership accelerator of 2018. Please enjoy downloading the slides and photos from this terrific event!  We will have video summaries soon.  

-Mark C. Thompson

Welcome to the

Goldsmith Thompson Accelerator.

How to Build a Unicorn: Silicon Valley’s Disruptive Innovation

Learning Agility

  • Dr. Bonita Thompson

  • Dr. Roger Hajjar

  • Dr. Tom Kolditz.

The Secret to Fanatic Engagement

  • Serial Entrepreneur Mark Thompson

  • TaskUs Founder Jaspar Weir

  • Tata CEO Vinod Kumar

Success Built to Last:

Creating a Life That Matters
Mark Thompson and Bonita Thompson-

 NYTimes bestselling authors

Exponential Thinking

Rob Nail - Singularity University

How Can You Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths?

Keith Krach & Liz Wiseman

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